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If nature is the form and the soft tones the color, Love is the main ingredient of this new collection of Rosarinho Cruz. Comprising a selection of Women's, sweet and subtle pieces with relief, his creations convey the feeling of having their lives. Light, playful and charming, all your pieces tell stories and have their own identity, a name, laden with a clear

passion for what you say "not be addiction or work, but of necessity." The design is as irresistible as the parts themselves. Delicate and light, made of gold, noble material that favors contrast with precious stones in soft colors, always smooth. Full of reasons natura, allow us to recreate scenarios spring while promising invade any space of a

renewed energy. As amazing collection that invites viewer's curiosity, awakening the look and touch. The artistic sensibility that carries in his works is something undeniable, and the only way to understand this is a Love that nourishes, like a precious treasure which gives it as long possible. Visit our site to get to know more about us.


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